Nothing Gets You Going Like Art Supplies

Hey all.  It's true. Nothing's gets you going like ordering a plethora of art supplies. It commits you to a new, long term project and solidifies the ideas in your head. This is my problem: I have too many ideas in my head. This is how I operate with all things anyway. The day goes like this:  Great idea, start working on it.  Great idea, start working on it. Great idea, start working on it.
haha.  Well today I ordered 10 large canvases and 5 smaller ones.  As I clicked the order through, out came a commitment.  It is often difficult to focus on a certain series because I have so many inspiring reference photos and visual memories to draw from.  Our recent trip to Daufuski Island really floated my boat (pun intended), with hundreds of soft, warm grey scenes and vivid sunset and sunrise, and colorful water scenes. But for a long time, I have been building an interest in blue and white cloud compositions, and have amassed a huge repertoire of photos from my daily travels in Shenandoah County, VA.  I need to finish what has been started...continue this project till the inspiration is exhausted.  So my plan is to thoroughly explore white clouds on blue surfaces for the time being.
Its becoming apparent that this blog is helping me focus.  Thank you for listening.