Where Do I Go From Here?

It's been a long, (or short, really) year of learning about art.  I am humbled by those who have told me they appreciate what I am doing, and enjoy seeing my paintings posted on-line and in exhibitions.  I'm even more humbled by those who spent valuable dollars to acquire one or more my paintings to keep them company in their homes.  It really feels like an adoption when they are sold.  I am so happy that something I do can give joy and meaning to others.

Early this year, I began this spur of my art journey....completed over 40 paintings and sold over 20.  At a couple points, it seemed like the train was traveling too fast.  Got through several shows and a couple commissions. Then in the beginning of November, my sisters, daughter, and niece went on an epic trip to India. Can't describe the magnitude of this cultural experience. Wow--the definition of life re-set.  Put it on a different scale.
Everything is relative.  Be so happy for what you have.  Remember love and beauty are everywhere--beauty has no limits. Sneak it in there, even in the darkest places.
So from here, where do I go?  It's time to slow down a bit, and enjoy the process of refining my art.  There's a lot more to learn, a lot further to travel.  But we know the journey does not end. Perhaps that's the beauty in it all.
Love to all, in this winter month.  Endings....looking towards beginnings of things yet to come.