Clouds on the Road

A series based on the sky above Shenandoah County, Virginia

Here, the sky is my muse, and often what is seen above Interstate 81. It's a wide artery that pulses through our rural landscape. I am fascinated by this "highway of humanity" that cuts through us. It is the juxtaposition of romance and realism, pastoral beauty and gritty reality, that illustrates my view of the world. In these paintings, no matter how pretty the subject, there will always be an element of the darker side of life. 

"Cloud Three", 40" X 30", Acrylic on Canvas

Approaching a storm on Interstate 81, I was struck by the drama of fear and excitement of what might happen. In this painting, I impulsively struck at the canvas with my bush. The drips that developed were unplanned, but a very happy accident.  They help convey the rain that was approaching, and give the sense of you, the viewer, being present in the scene.


"Cloud Two", 40" X 30", Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD

Sometimes nothing is better than a "big-lumacks", fluffy white cloud, towering overhead. The juxtaposition of bright blue sky, pure white and shades of grey bring expanding feelings of joy and sense of place in the world.

"Cloud One" by Sally Veach

"Cloud one", 36" X 36", Acrylic on Canvas, sold

The first Cloud painting helped me coin the phrase "Look Up".  Do we know what is above us?  How often do we stop to look straight up above our heads?  There is much more in our world than our small frame of view.