New Work/New Series

"Cloud Six" by Sally Veach, 24" X 36", Acrylic on Canvas, $750

New Work!

Hello, and hope you all are well! I am so happy to be painting daily again, after a time of introspection during and after the holidays. It was good to have a small break though...this gave me time to contemplate on what I want to say with my art.  

What do you think of this latest painting, "Cloud Six"? It is part of my Clouds on the Road series. Please feel free to comment below! Lots of drips an impulsive marks. I'm finding, more and more, that I want to use kinetic energy to express and release the built up tension of daily life and the state of our world. I love the "happy accidents", unplanned drips, and automatic and intuitive marks that occur while rapidly and intuitively painting. It is a different look, but very much akin to the abstract expressionist style that I wrote about in past blog posts. The combination of the expressionism with the beauty of the landscape illustrates the state of the world and the reality of life. Yin/Yang, good/ is all there, all the time, and at the same time.

New Series!

I would also like to announce a new series called In Her Garden She Cries. It may be  a strange sounding name, but these paintings came about somewhat on their own, from using paint left over from landscapes. I had no object in mind, only to express myself through hue, value, marks, and motion. The very first painting in the series brought out sad feelings, which were expressed more and more by the drips that occurred from my automatic process. As I painted I felt the sadness, and it was cathartic.  Now, when I go to start a painting, I decide if it is a "crying" day or not. If it is, it may be another painting for this series. The name has many connotations, but I'm feeling it has most to do with the ironies of life. Decadent decay and gilded cages have something to do with it too:  there are many complexities in living life as a female.  

Painting LIVE on Facebook

Both paintings in this post were painted mostly Live on Facebook!  You can watch recordings of the videos here:  For those of you who spend time on Facebook, please keep an eye out, and if you catch me painting, say Hi!

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