Is it Art or Not??

Work in Progres: "Cloud Seven".  34" X 40", Acrylic on Canvas

Work in Progres: "Cloud Seven".  34" X 40", Acrylic on Canvas

My husband is away on another two week hunting trip, and I'm finding my self more and more. It's almost like a painting residency.  I don't have many obligations, except to help out my 90 year old mom, and lots of time alone. Time to paint, read about art and artists, watch videos, listen to pod casts, sketch, write, and paint some more.

There is more uninterrupted time to focus on painting, but mostly I'm finding me. There is a difference noted...waiting on a person to come home/waiting on your self to decide what you are going to do next. Being your self, knowing your self, is what is needed in order to really create art.  

Yes, I can draw anything in front of me. Yes, I can paint a scene or a still life correctly, with proper use of color and values. But I don't want to do that; I am repulsed by that! I done that! ...a long time ago.

IMHO, reproducing an object or a scene to look exactly like the object or scene is not truly art--it is craft. I am trying to make art. So in every painting, there is a search. What do I want to say? What do I want to emphasize? Not just the beautiful sunset, with those amazing golden colors in the tops of the clouds, but what else?  (There has to be something else.)  How do I feel about this sunset, these clouds?  The fact that it happened!  How do I feel about life today? How do I feel about the world?

Then there is Process. I am caught between a desire to represent something, to communicate something, and an impatience to express my emotions, to use kinetic energy to expel tension and tap the intensity that exists inside me. 

Abstract expressionism is all about process. But at the end, there is a product to look at that is hopefully pleasing to the eye. I want to take this concept even further. At this point, I am refusing to give in to pure abstract expressionism, but want to enjoy the expressionist process to create paintings that represent a recognizable scene.  This, because I love the sky and landscape of Shenandoah County, Virginia and Hardy County, West Virginia! 

Every day is an inspiration, simply by looking up and out.

I want to find the best way to communicate my feelings about this world, through the beauty and drama of the landscape and character of my home town.

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