Sally Veach and Shenandoah County Historical Society in partnership to support Shenandoah County barns

   Return to Nature   by Sally Veach, Oil on Canvas, 48" X 36"

Return to Nature by Sally Veach, Oil on Canvas, 48" X 36"

A mutual interest and concern for the traditional barns of Shenandoah County recently brought Artist, Sally Veach, and Shenandoah County Historical Society board member, John Adamson, together with concurring and similar projects.

Sally and John are visiting barns together weekly, and attending meetings with applicable organizations with the aim of documenting and raising awareness of the state of our traditional, aging, and endangered barns.  

Although the project, or "program", is still in the beginning stages, and may transform over time, John's main aim is to complete a large scale survey and documentation of our "traditionally built" barns.  And Sally's aim is to raise awareness of the peril of the barns through emotional and dramatic paintings in a traveling exhibition. 

Sally's ultimate goal is to establish a successful fund through the Shenandoah Community Foundation that will assist barn owners interested in preserving their barns.  The fund will be available as a vehicle for charitable donations from citizens, philanthropic organizations, and corporations that will help ensure that we still have some of our historic barns for future generations to enjoy.  A portion of the sale of each barn painting will be donated to the fund.

For more information of the Shenandoah County Barns Project/Program please contact Sally Veach at or John Adamson at .