Vermont College of Fine Arts Portfolio Review

I was pleased to receive this critique from the faculty of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, during their public portfolio review offer:

"The faculty committee was thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with your work.  They note that “we were interested in how you reconcile 'navigating a gauntlet of ignorance and hostility' (on your way to Walmart) by painting rural landscapes of clouds and fields. There is indeed a history of landscape painting that looked to representing “nature” in response to the drive towards urban migration. The committee was curious if you painted these works from photographs? Or plein air?  The two processes are vastly different and may offer you a variety of conceptual options that might further inform your work. We were also interested by the push within some of your works towards abstraction. Works such as Winter is Coming or In her Garden She Cries complicate the language of your more traditional Cloud/Field paintings in ways that ask the viewer to question their own expectations of landscape, painting and life. Yours is a promising practice, Sally.  We wish you all the best as you continue to develop its full potential."