Sally Veach paints interpretations of the landscape that surrounds her home in Shenandoah County, Virginia.  She uses quick, gestural strokes in oils and acrylic with brush, palette knife, and fingers to portray the beautiful perfection of nature at odds with the activities of man. With her Barns of Shenandoah paintings, Veach addresses the tragedy of historic barns and the fact that they are slowly returning to nature.

Full of motion (thus conveying emotion) and the colors of nature, her paintings lead the eye on a visual journey around the canvas with her abstract and expressive marks. Compositional elements are often symbolic, such as when she uses iconic barn shapes overlaid against the organic forms of fields and mountain ranges.

It is difficult to imagine a Shenandoah County without historic barns in the landscape, but Veach believes that without intervention, one day all of them will be gone. This is because they simply no longer serve a practical purpose in modern farming.  Her love for both humanity and nature propels Veach to paint these scenes of endangered barns with angst and tenderness.

With Barns of Shenandoah, Veach hopes raise awareness of our rich historic barns and that there is value in preserving at least some these majestic reminders of our past.  10% of the proceeds from Barns of Shenandoah painting sales are donated to the Shenandoah County Historical Society's barn documentation and preservation program.

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